I. Introduction

    Welcome to the MSF RiderCourse Enrollment System


    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCourse Enrollment System (RES) is a valuable administrative tool designed specifically for all MSF training site administrators. The system is easy to use and has been arranged so all MSF RiderCourse classes and student enrollments can be set-up and administered online. This includes initial class scheduling, follow-up on class completion results and the ability to research details concerning specific classes and students.

    The RES site is also linked to an online reservation system that allows students to research MSF rider training availability, choose a training site, select a class and register for the class online. The student’s registration information will automatically appear in your online class roster saving you valuable time.

    Other features of the site include:

    • Set-up of classes
    • Assignment of RiderCoaches
    • Rosters of enrolled students
    • Class closure and recording of student scores
    • Ability to search all previously created classes and previously registered students
    • Management reports by organization, site, or training range of all classes taught, students trained, RiderCoaches used, and more
    • A library of MSF-specific information and downloadable forms, plus calendar and news sections of MSF-related events


    All of the main site categories listed above are explained within this user guide.

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